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Service, Repair, Maintain & Protect Your Vehicle

With almost 20 years of experience, Getty Automotive is the most trusted name in Ottawa when it comes to servicing, repairing, maintaining and protecting the look and value of your vehicle.

Today, our team focuses primarily on exotic, luxury and high-end vehicles and offers a wide range of custom car paint protection services.

Service and repair

Service & Repair

Keep your high-end vehicle running smoothly with our wide range of maintenance and repair services. Our experienced automotive experts can handle any make and model of vehicle, offering everything from custom wheel alignments and tire installations to oil changes, exhaust system upgrades and more.

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Enhance the power and handling of your vehicle with our complete line of performance services. Our team of certified professionals handle everything from custom builds and engine computer software upgrades to clutch installations, turbo upgrades and more.

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Paint Protection Film can help your vehicle maintain a shiny showroom finish

Paint Protection Film (PPF)

Our PPF experts can help give your vehicle a permanent showroom shine while also protecting it from scratches, chips, dents and day-to-day surface wear.

  • Keeps Your Car Looking New
  • Makes Vehicle Cleaning Easier
  • Repels Harmful UV Rays
  • Eliminates Scratches & Dents
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Cutting-edge nano-ceramic coating to create a silica-based shell that looks incredible

Ceramic Car Coating

We can help maintain the paint and finish on your vehicle with cutting-edge, nano-ceramic materials that protect against nicks, scratches and chemical damage.

  • Maintains a Permanent Waxed Look
  • Stays Cleaner for Longer
  • Repels Harmful UV Rays
  • Enhances the Value of Your Car
  • Reduces Scratches & Dents
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Tinting the windows of your vehicle is a perfect way to reduce harmful UV ray damage

Car Window Tinting

We’re Ottawa most trusted name when it comes to tinting, using the highest quality films and precision-engineered tools to protect your windows and stunning new look.

  • Enhances Your Car’s Appearance
  • Creates a Cooler Ride
  • Repels Harmful UV Rays
  • Increases Safety & Security
  • Enhances Personal Privacy
  • Reduces Window Damage
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