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Ceramic Car Coating

Ceramic Car Coating

The #1 Choice for Ceramic Car Coating in Ottawa

With almost 20 years of experience, Getty Automotive is the most trusted name in Ottawa for ceramic car coating. Our experienced automotive protection experts can help maintain the paint and finish on your high-end, luxury or exotic vehicle, with cutting-edge ceramic materials that protect against nicks, scratches and chemical damage.

During our coating process we use only the highest-quality tools and products, with each of our certified and highly experienced technicians working to ensure your new protective coating looks and functions perfectly.

Discover why we’re the #1 name in ceramic car coating in Ottawa.

The Benefits of Ceramic Car Coating

  • Maintains a Permanent Waxed Look: A ceramic coating allows your vehicle to maintain a stylish look that’s normally only achieved through high-end waxing
  • Stays Cleaner for Longer: A ceramic coating repels water, mud and dirt, meaning it’s essentially self-cleaning and easier to maintain over the years
  • Repels Harmful UV Rays: Our coatings use patented technology to reflect harmful UV rays that can damage a vehicle and gradually lead to faded paint
  • Enhances the Value of Your Car: A ceramic coating can reduce repair costs and keep your vehicle looking great for years, helping maintain your investment
  • Eliminates Scratches & Dents: The powerful nano-technology behind ceramic coating can withstand and repel an incredible amount of damage to your paint
  • Protects Your Wheels & Interior: Our ceramic coating can also be used to protect your wheels and seats, as well as fabrics and surfaces inside your vehicle

How Does a Ceramic Car Coating Work

During the coating process we apply a thin, near-invisible substance made up of heated and liquified particles of ceramic, quartz and glass. When the nano-coating begins to cool these microscopic particles fuse together and bond with the paint on your vehicle to create a thin, clear and incredibly hard barrier that can easily repel dirt, dust and chemicals, as well as protecting against scratches, dents, dings and other harmful damage.

A ceramic coating can be applied to the entire surface of your vehicle, including the wheels and even the interior. This process can be extremely challenging and requires expertise and experience to ensure an even coating and proper application.

Ceramic Car Coating in Ottawa

How Long Does a Ceramic Coating Last On a Car

The exact life of your ceramic coating depends on the quality of the materials, the paint on your vehicle and the type of wear and tear you’ll experience. That being said, typically most of the ceramic coatings applied by one of our certified experts can last for many years. The products we use also have multi-year warranties in place in the unlikely event that you experience any issues with your coating.

In many cases, we can also touch up small areas on your vehicle should they suffer from any major damage.

How Much Does it Cost to Apply a Ceramic Car Coating

Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to our ceramic coating services. The price varies based on your vehicle, needs and the specific product and solution you choose.

That being said, at Getty Automotive we pride ourselves in being one of the most professional ceramic car coating providers in the Ottawa area. We also stand by our work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

PPF is entirely self-healing

Our Ceramic Car Coating Products

We primarily use IGL Coatings, one of the world’s leading ceramic coating experts, with their products available in over 50 countries and in use on over 2 million vehicles. Having used numerous ceramic coating products over the years, we believe that IGL is simply unbeaten when it comes to combining the perfect blend of aesthetics and protection.

Discover why we’re the most trusted name in ceramic car coatings in Ottawa.

What Our Clients Have to Say


“Great place and does awesome work. Got the truck front clear wrapped and the attention to detail is amazing.”

Gab Genier

“Another great experience with Sean and his team as he applied Clearshield and tint to our new VW Golf R. Just like 2016 when he did our Z4, this experience revealed the same attention to customer service, clear communication, and excellent work. No hesitations about recommending Getty.”

Naresh Debidin

“I’ve always heard good things from the enthusiast community and although I haven’t had the opportunity to bring my fun car to him, I did need tint, trim wrap and other basic work done on our family MDX. Communication and service was excellent, as was the quality of work. He is busy so be patient, but it’s worth it and I would highly recommend him to anybody I know.”

Ryan Cole