Your Best Choice for Window Tinting in Ottawa

Window Tinting

Repels Harmful UV Rays

Your Best Choice for Window Tinting in Ottawa

With almost 20 years of experience, Getty Automotive is the most trusted name for protective films and window tinting in Ottawa, having worked on numerous high-end, luxury and exotic vehicles. Our experienced team of fully-certified professionals can help install the perfect window film to create a stylish new look, offer an added layer of privacy, and protect your vehicle from scratches, nicks, chemicals and harmful UV rays.

During our window tinting and film installation process, we use only the highest-quality tools and products, with our experts making sure your windows have the perfect look and fit to match your style and vehicle.

Discover why we’re the #1 name in window tinting in Ottawa.

The Benefits of Car Window Tinting

  • Enhances the Look of Your Vehicle: Our window tinting allows you to create a stylish, sleek and personalized look for your vehicle
  • Creates a Cooler Ride: Our window tinting films can reduce solar heat inside your vehicle by as much as 70%, saving fuel by eliminating the need for A/C
  • Repels Harmful UV Rays: Our window films use patented technology to reflect harmful UV rays that can damage and fade your vehicle’s interior and exterior
  • Increases Safety & Security: A custom installed window tinting film can reduce glare, hide the contents of your vehicle and reduce the risk of smash and grabs
  • Enhances Personal Privacy: Using patented tinting technology you can ride in comfort with your privacy fully protected from other drivers and onlookers
  • Reduces Window Damage: Our durable window tinting films are incredibly strong and can reduce the risk of glass cracks, scratches and chips

How Does Our Window Tinting Process Work?

All of our work is carried out by highly-experienced and fully-certified window film experts who use only the highest quality products and the latest in technology to deliver a custom fit that looks great and fits perfectly.

The first step is determining exactly what kind of color and shade of window tinting film you want for your vehicle. The higher the percentage of shade the more light will pass through the film, with 5% blocking out the most amount of light.

Shades we offer include:
5%, 20% ,35%, 40%, 50%, 70%


We then use the latest in precious laser-guided cutting tools to create a custom window film that fits the specific make, model and year of your vehicle. During this final step, we take the time to make sure your new tinting is seamless, with no bubbles, overlap, discoloration or other issues.

Our window tinting pros have installed thousands of tints and we offer an in-house warranty and satisfaction guarantee to ensure you’re getting exactly what you wanted.

Eliminates Scratches and Dents

What Are Ontario’s Window Tint Laws

Within Ontario you are currently allowed to apply virtually any shade and color of window tinting. In Quebec and across parts of Canada, however, the laws are different, so you should consider this if you plan on visiting or moving to these provinces with your vehicle.

Below are the latest laws on wind shield tinting across Ontario and Canada. Please note that these laws may be changed at any time and it is ultimately the vehicle owner’s responsibility to know and comply with the laws in the area.

Latest laws on wind shield tinting across Ontario and Canada
we pride ourselves on being one of the most professional window tinting and protective film providers in the Ottawa

How Much Does it Cost for Window Tinting

Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to our window tinting services. The price varies based on your vehicle, the shade and colour of film you choose, and the specific windows and surface area you want covered.

At Getty Automotive, however, we pride ourselves on being one of the most professional window tinting and protective film providers in the Ottawa area. We also stand by our work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and built-in warranties for the products we use.

Solar Gard also offers an industry-leading warranty


We primarily use Solar Gard, one of the world’s leading window film companies, with a wide range of best-in-class products available for cars, homes, commercial buildings and more. Solar Gard also offers an industry-leading warranty and their window films are known for their colour stability, clarity, superior adhesiveness and quality. Having tried and used numerous window tinting products over the years, for us Solar Gard is easily the best of its kind when it comes to combining the perfect blend of look and performance.

Discover why we’re the most trusted name in car window tinting in Ottawa.

What Our Clients Have to Say


“Awesome service! Very meticulous and great attention to detail. The garage is the cleanest shop I’ve ever seen. I would eat my lunch off the floor it’s so clean.”

Colin Hoare

“Another great experience with Sean and his team as he applied Clearshield and tint to our new VW Golf R. Just like 2016 when he did our Z4, this experience revealed the same attention to customer service, clear communication, and excellent work. No hesitations about recommending Getty.”

Naresh Debidin

“I’ve always heard good things from the enthusiast community and although I haven’t had the opportunity to bring my fun car to him, I did need tint, trim wrap and other basic work done on our family MDX. Communication and service was excellent, as was the quality of work. He is busy so be patient, but it’s worth it and I would highly recommend him to anybody I know.”

Ryan Cole